Last week was cold in Oregon, but nothing like the cold in Chicago and elsewhere in mid-America and the east coast. Which got me thinking, what if the blackout that terrorists are plotting in my latest Adam Drake novel, DARK TROJAN, happened during a prolonged arctic cold snap? Survival without electricity is difficult any time of the year, with food supplies disappearing, travel and communications limited and people panicking. But what if the lights go out for months when it’s freezing outside?

Survival would be difficult for most of us, unless we were prepared. Which brings me to the post of Bob Mayer titled “Survival Friday: Cold Weather Survival” I want you to read.http://bit.ly/1iaNiql. Bob Mayer was a Green Beret and one of his books is titled THE GREEEN BERET SURVIVAL GUIDE. It’s well worth your time to get a copy after you’ve read his post on cold weather survival.

So heed Bob’s advice and be prepared for the catastrophe I fictionalize in DARK TROJAN, available now on Amazon.http://amzn.to/1DusVyw

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