bk_assassinslistIn the process of releasing the next book in the Adam Drake series, CALL IT TREASON, which should be out next week, I was reminded that not everyone knew the secret about my book covers. Amazon and Kindle and CreateSpace obviously don’t, because the keep rejecting the covers the first time they’re reviewed. The problem, they say, is the faint writing on the cover that sometimes overlaps/runs against the title and author’s name.
Here, take a look and see if you can spot the problem they’re talking about. Look at the cover on THE ASSASSIN’S LIST. . See the scribbling down the cover.

Okay, now look at the cover for OATH TO DEFEND and DARK TREASON.
Each of these book covers has a hidden message for fans of the Adam Drake series. For THE ASSASSIN’S LIST, the faint writing on the cover is the actual list of intended kills the assassins were planning. For OATH TO DEFEND, the writing is the formula for an atomic bomb. And for DARK TROJAN, the cascading binary symbols represent the coding the terrorists plan to use to collapse our energy grid.

There, the secret’s out! I hope that’s the end of the problems I keep having with the covers on my books.

p.s. The cover for CALL IT TREASON, out next week also has a secret writing. Can you tell me what it is?





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